Traps to avoid in your Digital Transformation Journey

The phrase ‘digital transformation journey’ can sound a bit overwhelming, right? It seems to conjure up images of science fiction settings and ‘beam me up, Scotty’ scenarios – or is that just us? We’re actually here to put your mind at ease and reassure you that if you put your trust in Arkafort’s IT support […]

What is the added value of having a reliable IT partner?

Reliability is a key component of life. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone whom you ever encountered was reliable in what they promised, what they said, and ultimately what they did? That would definitely make life more straightforward and simpler. While we can’t guarantee that your food delivery person can be relied on to bring […]

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support for Start-Ups & SMBs

Happy customer service representative using computer and having video call with clients while working at call center.

Your friend “who knows about computers” is probably one of the most important assets in your friendship directory. When something goes wrong with your laptop, be it hardware or software, you call them. Is your internet not connecting? – guess who you’re calling? Need advice on buying a new phone (because it’s essentially a small […]

Fostering creativity and innovation

Arkafort is proud to have supported the latest project by foremost contemporary artist Austin Camilleri. Arkafort is proud to have supported a highly powerful and successful exhibition which has marked the return of foremost contemporary artist Austin Camilleri to the local artistic scene. His exhibition “LE.IVA: ANGERISALAZYFORMOFGRIEF”, presented at Spazju Kreattiv and curated by internationally […]

Five Reasons to Start Outsourcing your IT Support

The years 2020 and 2021 have seen a massive disruption in what used to be viewed as normal working practices. Remote working was prioritised and it will still continue to be the norm in most companies across the country. Furthermore, businesses, some more than others, have taken a financial hit from the pandemic which, in […]

WiFi coverage for towns and villages in Malta​

As a company, we take pride in making history and being part of crucial projects which constitute important milestones for technology. In an effort to promote connectivity and access by all, in 2018, the European Commission invested in an important and ambitious project to support the installation of state-of-the-art Wi-Fi equipment in communities across Europe. […]

‘Tis the season – the 2021 Arkafort Christmas dinner

Photographer: Darren Agius Following an unwanted (and unexpected!) halt in all social activities in 2020, our Arkafort team this year got together to celebrate Christmas. And after a year – well almost two now – of online team meetings, calls and remote working, you may just imagine how significant this was for our team! Strictly […]

A closer look at Project Maleth’s payload, the Cube

Project Maleth is Malta’s first opportunity to be directly part of the ever-growing space industry. It is the first Maltese biomedical experiment, headed by Prof. Joseph Borg and his team, to be launched in space with the aim of shedding some light on how the bacterial biome of infected foot ulcers of diabetic patients, will […]

Arkafort joins the first ever Maltese mission in space Arkafort is proud to announce its new and exciting collaboration with Project Maleth, the very first Maltese scientific programme to be sent to the International Space Station. The much anticipated project could potentially lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes, which is a common and widespread problem in the Maltese islands. Arkafort […]