Spaceomix: Malta’s first space company launched

After months of preparations, we are pleased to announce the launch of Malta’s first-ever space company: Spaceomix.

Spaceomix was originally an initiative by renowned biomedical scientist Professor Joseph Borg who led two biomedical space missions so far: Maleth I and Maleth II.

Arkafort and Prof. Borg will now be officially joining forces to start operating the new space company and to continue building on the success of the first missions.

Our collaboration with Spaceomix started in 2021. At that point, we were given the opportunity to support the project and to offer our service as the project’s mission control center. Project Maleth was Malta’s first-ever mission to the International Space Station and – needless to say – we were thrilled and honoured to come across this opportunity and to be actively involved.  At that stage, we already sensed that this was the start of a new journey, a journey that would take us far beyond Project Maleth and right into the heart of the emerging space industry. This year we decided to take this collaboration further and launch Spaceomix as a company within the Arkafort group.

Why invest in this sector?

For starters let’s say that it was rather difficult for us not to get carried away by Prof. Borg’s enthusiasm and aspirations and by the sheer potential that this industry has. As a technology company, Arkafort has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, and while the company has constantly invested in innovation, Spaceomix gives us the opportunity to invest in two highly important areas: space research and genomics. Although these are not within the company’s direct remit, both space research and genomics contribute to Arkafort’s mission of improving companies and society at large through technology. The development of both areas relies heavily on computer technology – such as AI and data processing – in order to keep developing further.

On a more concrete level, over the next years, we plan to develop the technology needed to study life beyond Earth,  while offering an array of services related to space exploration and commercialization including Space Consignor Services, Bio Payload Design, Mission Control Services, Space PR & Sponsorship, Payload Data Processing, Education and Academic Outreach.

Thanks to our vast international network of partners, we shall also be acting as a reference point for local stakeholders in relation to any space-related activities. Over the next few days, we will be joining a national delegation to the United States of America during which we will be visiting the main stakeholders in the sector around San Francisco and the Los Angeles area. We will be posting further information about this trip as well as its outcomes on our website and social media.

The future looks bright and promising, and our aspirations are cautiously ambitious. Spaceomix aims to make important breakthroughs in order to improve the quality of life whilst aspiring for a multi-planetary reality. Not just to ensure the survival of our planet but also to help future generations thrive and explore the potential of life beyond Earth.

Visit for more information and follow Spaceomix’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages.



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