Establishing meaningful collaborations: Arkafort X Richmond Foundation

Arkafort x Richmond

A few years back, Richmond Foundation approached us at Arkafort in order to provide the Foundation with some basic IT services. The relationship started off pretty much as all others do. We spoke about the services needed, established a way forward and started implementing our agreement.

As the years went by and our company evolved, so did our relationship with Richmond Foundation. We kept supporting the organization through our IT services and offering the possibility to increase their services to their clients and helping them grow further. As the CEO of Richmond Foundation Stephania Dimech Sant states, “Arkafort has helped the organization enter the digital era and reach a wider pool of people.

A deeper connection

An IT company such as ours is very much about building deep, meaningful relationships with clients.  We understand that IT companies are the backbone of their client’s operations, systems and services; we approach this role with a level of responsibility and take it quite seriously. We know that we need to be unfailingly present and proactive, constantly offering support to our clients. And even though each client portfolio is relatively unique with its own history and narrative, building a strong and rooted relationship is our constant.

With this as a context, this year we finally felt that we could take this partnership a step further and offer our newly introduced 24/7 IT helpdesk service for free to the Foundation, as part of our CSR program and initiatives. What this means is that Richmond Foundation will be supported by the Arkafort team all days and at all times, with the aim of being the Foundation’s main IT partner and supporting their operations and ongoing work, allowing them to focus on assisting those in need.

Arkafort & Richmond Foundation

Mental health as a focus

Why choose Richmond? And why focus on mental health? As the years went by our interest in Richmond’s mission and in their services grew; and not just because of the growing general awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing. Having grown considerably as a company during these past couple of years (plus two years of the pandemic which has forced us to rethink our workplaces and team dynamics) we needed to ensure that our HR function, and our team, have all the necessary support to tackle any potential issues which members of the team might be experiencing; be it stress at work, difficult situations at home, tumultuous relationships with others and other similar issues.

In short, we know, and recognise, that mental health issues are never to be pushed aside and wanted to take a proactive approach towards this. Resorting to Richmond Foundation’s services was only a natural step for us.

As part of this year’s extended collaboration with the Foundation, our company will be offering the services available through the Healthy Mind Works programme. This offers a wide range of services including consultation, therapy services, training, and crisis intervention amongst others and as a company, we will be able to offer these services to our team members. Arkafort will also be one of the main sponsors supporting the Richmond Annual Conference, happening later this year.

For further information regarding how can Arkafort Help You leverage technology through 24/7 IT helpdesk services, Arkafort’s IT consultancy, IT services, or IT SaaS, contact us at +356 22293000 or:

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