Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support for Start-Ups & SMBs

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Your friend “who knows about computers” is probably one of the most important assets in your friendship directory. When something goes wrong with your laptop, be it hardware or software, you call them. Is your internet not connecting? – guess who you’re calling? Need advice on buying a new phone (because it’s essentially a small computer, right?) – they probably know about it too.

We’re all aware of the importance of having someone reliable to help us out with our IT issues at home, so just how much more important is it to have that same kind of IT consultancy in our workplace?

An organisation’s IT system is the technical backbone of the company. Although human personnel are traditionally required to execute the various, necessary tasks, the investment that an organisation makes into its technical infrastructure allows people to handle and deliver their work in a more accurate format and at a more efficient pace.

This is often taken for granted until that catastrophic moment when something goes wrong and that same IT infrastructure doesn’t do what you require it to do. In moments like these, that IT-savvy friend would be your shining light of hope; however unless they’re actually employed with the organisation (and that would mean salary overheads), they may not be able to provide onsite IT support.

So, who do you turn to for your IT services in this moment of crisis?

You need an IT support business – and that’s where we come in.

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SMB IT support

Small and medium-sized businesses comprise the majority of the business workforce in Malta; however, their small size often means that resources are streamlined for financial efficiency. While employing someone to handle all IT services may be deemed to be ‘extra’ (because it’s not every day that IT issues are encountered), it’s important to have a strong backup plan for the moments when these technical problems do occur.

SMB IT support is one of our operational mainstays. Our dedicated team can provide online IT support to solve most issues without the need to enter your workspace, indicating that the problem is going to be tackled with more expediency. It also means that you will pay only for those IT services that you require and not spend money on extra employee overheads.

We believe in supporting SMBs and understand the operational drawbacks that a small business encounters. For this reason, our IT support packages are both online and onsite IT support to cater for the needs and requirements of various entities.

Start-ups IT Support

The road to launching a start-up can be a bumpy one with several unexpected pitfalls along the way. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid those pitfalls that can be prevented – such as those related to IT problems.

Start-up businesses are often a one-person setup that has to deal with several aspects of the business on a shoestring budget, so employing a team of people is out of the question. However, we know that start-ups are heavily reliant on their online presence and having technical issues could result in severe losses that the start-up simply cannot afford. This is why we pride ourselves on our IT SaaS (Support as a Service) model that is tailored to the needs and exigencies of the start-up community.

The IT SaaS model is prevalent in eCommerce and online market setups, where the entire business relies on the website, online retail outlet, payment gateways, and any other technical factor working properly for smooth and hassle-free transactions. With this business model, 24/7 IT support is indispensable. Because an online shop never closes, knowing that there is always someone on call whether it’s a Sunday or 11 pm will put your mind at rest.

It’s also sought after by businesses that have a seasonal workflow, where support may be needed regularly for half the year, but very sporadically for the other half. The flexibility that the IT SaaS model offers allows you to use the IT services & IT consultancy provided, only during the times when you need them.

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  • Do you recognise your scenario in this post?
  • Did you find yourself nodding along to the difficulties that small businesses face? Does outsourcing IT support sounds like the ideal solution for your setup?

Whether you are an SMB or a start-up, Arkafort offers 24/7 IT helpdesk services to clients, addressing all kinds of IT support services instantly with constant monitoring to prevent service disruptions and security breaches. If you own or run your own business, you can operate with greater peace of mind knowing that your business IT issues are in reliable hands.

For further information about Arkafort’s IT consultancy, IT service, or IT Saas, contact us at +356 22293000 or:



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