Cybersecurity as a Business Asset

What is Cyber Protection and How Does it Help Your Business?

In a nutshell: Cyber Protection is when Cyber Security and Data Protection merge together to form one of the most pivotal components in a business and it pretty much includes all that is mentioned further through this article and then some. However, it may be a bit overwhelming once you get to know what programs and systems you need: backup, antivirus, antimalware, anti-ransomware, monitoring, data recovery, and the list goes on! If only you have ALL of these on one, single, system…

In this day and age, everything imaginable is composed of or controlled by, technological elements. Today’s work laptop can be a proverbial El Dorado for sensitive data, and whilst we appreciate that all important information is to be stored in the safest way possible in order to prevent any breach, businesses need to invest in a Cybersecurity Strategy to protect their clientele, their employees as well as their own data. Starting slowly with smaller but essential practices can kickstart your business’ security.

  • Firewall

This is your first and basic technological “wall” that contains rules to prevent any foreign access to your data private network. This pairs well with anti-virus software which is freely available to download online (of course, be careful to download from legitimate sites to prevent viruses and irony.)

  • Train your employees in essential security principles

Your team should feel secure in the information that they will be holding while working, so basic training on security policies and behaviour should be given in order to avoid any first-hand breaches from mistakes that could have been easily prevented, such as using strong passwords (which is advised to be changed every 3 months), and guidelines on important cybersecurity policies. Training should be given for the new hires as well as your current team so that their security demeanour is improved significantly and understand how certain attacks work so that they are avoided.

  • Set up defences to your network and computer from cyber attacks

One simple, but effective way to have your business is to keep everything backed up, have all security systems and programs updated and have frequent virus scans to eliminate any hiccups that may show up in your network.

  • Hire a Cybersecurity Specialist

Depending on the size of your business, you will need to have a team of one or more persons to dedicate their time solely to cybersecurity. This department that you will implement will be taking all the measures necessary to detect, avoid and also prevent any potential cyber-attacks from plaguing your computer and eventually, your network. Ideally, you will need one person who specialises in cybersecurity so that your business is airtight.

Automation Processes

Modern solutions also require modern efficiency and comfort, which is why automation is being implemented in many companies. We’ve been so accustomed to doing everything manually that sometimes, you may not trust how automation functions, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! The possibility of actually scheduling anything that you want for months ahead of time was always a feat in earlier times but nowadays, people are investing so much into it that automation has ended up being something that is needed for a company to progress and grow exponentially.

Arkafort will monitor, backup and restore all aspects of your security build-up with our official licenses from Acronis and Sophos (two leading cyber security and data recovery systems.) This includes Physical Servers, Virtual Machines, Office365 Seats and much more! Of course, should you wish to have full visibility and monitor from your end, we are able to provide access to your company’s profile, so that you can also be hands-on on your monitoring as well! Moreover, backups and other data updates can also be scheduled ahead of time so that you can rest your head in reminding yourself to log in every single time you require an update or a backup of your data. The best thing about this is that this is all done remotely in our offices!

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