Maintaining Competitiveness Through Technology

The Role of Technology in Business Few businesses operate in a silo or as a monopoly; it’s expected that businesses have competition from other entities that operate within the same space, and that provide a similar service or product. It’s then up to the business to be able to promote and market themselves effectively to […]

Spaceomix: Malta’s first space company launched

After months of preparations, we are pleased to announce the launch of Malta’s first-ever space company: Spaceomix. Spaceomix was originally an initiative by renowned biomedical scientist Professor Joseph Borg who led two biomedical space missions so far: Maleth I and Maleth II. Arkafort and Prof. Borg will now be officially joining forces to start operating […]

Beating the IT Challenges of Working from Home

We’re all living in what has been termed as the ‘new normal’. It’s a lifestyle that we were forced to get used to over the span of 2-3 years due to the life-altering effects of Covid-19. While life seemed to have stopped for a while in 2020 when lockdowns were rife, in an effort to […]

Cybersecurity as a Business Asset

What is Cyber Protection and How Does it Help Your Business? In a nutshell: Cyber Protection is when Cyber Security and Data Protection merge together to form one of the most pivotal components in a business and it pretty much includes all that is mentioned further through this article and then some. However, it may […]

Establishing meaningful collaborations: Arkafort X Richmond Foundation

Arkafort x Richmond A few years back, Richmond Foundation approached us at Arkafort in order to provide the Foundation with some basic IT services. The relationship started off pretty much as all others do. We spoke about the services needed, established a way forward and started implementing our agreement. As the years went by and […]

Traps to avoid in your Digital Transformation Journey

The phrase ‘digital transformation journey’ can sound a bit overwhelming, right? It seems to conjure up images of science fiction settings and ‘beam me up, Scotty’ scenarios – or is that just us? We’re actually here to put your mind at ease and reassure you that if you put your trust in Arkafort’s IT support […]

What is the added value of having a reliable IT partner?

Reliability is a key component of life. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone whom you ever encountered was reliable in what they promised, what they said, and ultimately what they did? That would definitely make life more straightforward and simpler. While we can’t guarantee that your food delivery person can be relied on to bring […]

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support for Start-Ups & SMBs

Happy customer service representative using computer and having video call with clients while working at call center.

Your friend “who knows about computers” is probably one of the most important assets in your friendship directory. When something goes wrong with your laptop, be it hardware or software, you call them. Is your internet not connecting? – guess who you’re calling? Need advice on buying a new phone (because it’s essentially a small […]

Enhance Your Communication Experience

We’re calling it; telephony is still crucial for quality communication with clients and colleagues alike. Sure, massive strides have been made with platforms like Teams, Slack and the like. However, integrating telephones and modern communications tools is not as easy as it should be. That’s where Arkafort’s Redin comes in. It brings simplicity to erstwhile […]