Heritage Malta


We were approached by Heritage Malta as they needed various works to be done at one of their site, St Paul’s Catacombs. The client already had the system in place that was installed by another contractor, however the system was not functioning according to the requirements and standard requested by Heritage Malta.

Find Out

Before we could start, we needed to gather necessary information on the current installed setup. It turned out that the current network system was connected using an outdated ring topology that was used to connect around 30 unmanaged switches. PA, Intercom and Panic button system was not functional at all. ¾ of the CCTV cameras were not operational, Wi-Fi coverage was very limited and in some cases the signals were overlapping due to incorrect installed Access Points, causing more harm than good.

Works Carried Out
  • Laying and termination of 6km network cable.
  • Laying of 500m Fibre Optic cable.
  • Replacement of 30+ unmanaged switches with 3 manages switches.
  • Replacement of the old VoIP system, with a new Asterisk system.
  • Installation of new access points and rearrangement of current installed ones.
  • Installation of 28 VoIP intercoms, scattered across the whole site.
  • Installation of new speakers for the PA system.
  • Replacement of the old server with a new server.