IT Operations

IT Simplified

When you come on board, Arkafort reviews your company needs and constructs solutions based on your requirements. Arkafort will then begin to provide ongoing maintenance and support for your company. That's it! Your IT has been taken off by Arkafort and now your company can focus on your core business with the relief of not having to know what system does what.

Helpdesk Support

Arkafort is there for you on standby when you require assistance with hardware issues, software issues, network, you name it! Our IT help desk is staffed by highly knowledgeable and trained IT specialists so you can count on receiving exceptional top-tier support.

Continuous Management

In addition to helpdesk support, Arkafort offers round the clock managed services to businesses which require peace of mind over their IT systems. These managed services will allow you to focus on your business while Arkafort focuses on your IT systems.

Pay for what you get

Our billing policy for ongoing services is fair and simple. You only pay for what you use. No complex billing models or hidden charges, no monthly fees or expiring contracts. If you use 1 hour worth of service, that is what you pay for, period. Customer loyalty helps us deliver a more consistent service. If you what to work with us in the long term, we can give you SLAs, 24/7 support and better pricing. For more information, please request the rate card below.


Our cloud is built with enterprise needs in mind and the service can be tailored to the requirements of each individual client. Just tell us what you need and we will design, implement and manage your systems 24/7/365.

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MSP Offerings

Managed Backups

Backups are of a colossal importance for any kind of business. With Arkafort's managed backup solution, data protection and business continuity becomes affordable.

Systems Monitoring

Monitoring helps catching potential issues early and prevents them from becoming problems that could impact your business. That's why Arkafort offers this service, to give you peace of mind!

Managed Security

Data security breaches are a serious threat and can be catastrophic to your business. Let Arkafort secure your environment and keep malware and cyber criminals at bay.

Keeping you Up to Date

Operating system updates, server updates, network updates ... ugh! Don't worry! Here at Arkafort we offer a managed service system.


Leader of IT Operations

Andrew McLean

Technologies we use

We strive to align IT and Operational Technologies accustomly to our clients by using these tehcnologies.