PanzerGlass Apple iPhone X/Xs/11 Pro Edge-to-Edge CamSlider

Apple iPhone X/Xs/11 Pro Edge-to-Edge CamSlider

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PanzerGlass™ Apple iPhone X/XS/11 Pro with CamSlider is a screen protector with a smooth built-in camera cover, providing you with the control to choose when and where your front camera is open. The Edge-to-Edge screen protector is made of flat tempered glass and covers the entire front surface of the device.

The PanzerGlass CamSlider screen protector features the same core benefits as the original glass, while also providing the possibility to cover the front camera.

The glass features at least one precision drilled hole that matches the position of the loudspeaker of the device. Additional openings may also be used to accommodate sensors, buttons and camera elements. The shape of the protector is optimized to maximize protection while maintaining all functionalities of the device and ease of use. All edges are carefully rounded and polished and Edge-to-Edge PanzerGlass™ is furthermore coated with an “anti-smudge” material in order to maintain and secure an excellent touch and feel from the original glass.

The PanzerGlass™ CamSlider screen protector features a coloured frame to match and enhance the original design of the device. The glass features Dot-Technology which ensures a perfect touch anywhere on the screen. The Dot Technology is combined with a stronger adhesive placed only along the edges of the PanzerGlass™ which keep the protector firmly in place. Additionally, implemented below the glass there is a shock absorbing and anti-shatter film to avoid glass shards if the tempered glass should break. This means a PanzerGlass™ handles even extreme impacts securely and safely.

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