Developing solutions to your problems

We design and build websites, mobile applications, business applications and next generation technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Web development for all devices and platforms

Arkafort uses a human-centred approach to create transformative, digital platforms that communicate your brand to the market. Armed with knowledge on the latest technologies UX/UI practices, our designers and engineers deliver innovative websites and web applications which offer a consistent digital experience on any device.

Business Applications

Arkafort delivers business applications for numerous industries including gaming, entertainment, hospitality and manufacturing amongst others. Leverage our experience to optimize your business processes and provide solutions to complex problems.

  • Bespoke content management & backend systems
  • REST & GraphQL APIs
  • Admin panels with advanced analytics
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • 3rd Party integrations
  • Business automation
  • Message brokerage, broadcasting & web sockets
  • Embedded systems & IoT
  • High load systems
        class SoftwareDevelopment extends Arkafort
            private $featureListFull;

             * Develop A New Application
             * Drink some coffee and start coding...
             * @param Arabica $coffee
             * @return string
            public function develop(Arabica $coffee)
                if ($this->featureListFull === true) {

                    // test and deploy

                    return 'Great App!';

                } else {

                    // put the kettle on


Technology Stack

Native & cross-platform mobile development

Arkafort uses advanced methodologies in modern mobile development, up-to-date and innovative approaches, techniques and architectures to build your next mobile application.

  • Native development using Swift and Android SDK
  • Cross-platform development using Phone Gap
  • Complex 3-party integrations
  • Applications with 3D and Augmented Reality
  • Integration with wearables

Next Generation Technologies


Leveraging technologies based on smart contracts to create effective end-to-end solutions that help you redefine your business and industry

Artificial Intelligence

Providing solutions to complex problems with AI based software

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