Introducing Jeremy Dingli: Arkafort’s Customer Success Consultant

Employee Interview

Arkafort has just welcomed Jeremy Dingli on board. Taking on a new role within the company, Jeremy will be focusing on Arkafort’s relationship with its customers. In this interview he explains his role and focus.

What is your role at Arkafort?

My role with the company is to understand client and internal challenges and help them adapt to today's exciting market. I do this by acting as the Customer Success Consultant, making sure customers make the most out of the relationship with the company, this varies from analyzing business processes and managing the implementation of their enhancements to forging and maintaining our relationships.

And why is this role relevant and significant for the company at this stage?

The company's mission is to simplify and facilitate the benefits of technology, empowering its clients and enabling their success. Therefore there has not been a better time, amidst the current and forthcoming challenges, to put even more focus on the tasks of understanding customer needs, nurturing relationships, and implementation while lining the extraordinary team at Arkafort and their goals.

How would you describe your typical workday with Arkafort?

A typical day usually kicks off with a good cup of the strong stuff, I am as selective about my coffee as I am about the clients I work with. The first half of the day is made up of meetings, mostly online as I like to be personal yet efficient. My meetings are usually quite interesting and fun, spent asking questions and learning about client businesses, their goals, and forthcoming projects, and discussing how we can remove barriers. After a much deserved and revered lunch, I usually dive into some research, finding out what will be the processes that will lead clients to achieve further efficiency, cost savings, growth, and subsequently map them to Arkafort's 4 divisions for the best outcome.

How is Arkafort catering to the current business needs? And how do you make sure that clients are always satisfied with the service provided?

The world has changed drastically in the past 2 years and will continue to do so, rapidly. Businesses, now more than ever, need to adapt their processes to be able to pivot their business models and thrive, and Arkafort's simplification of such is crucial to any business at this great moment in history, where there's change, there's opportunity. I believe Arkafort has some cool solutions developed with further enhancements that will disrupt the local market when it comes to scalable and easily accessible, no strings attached technology so watch this space!

Service is a big deal for me and this was one of the aligned philosophies when I decided to collaborate with Arkafort, I think Anticipation, Empathy, and Candour go a long way with our partners. Understanding their needs before they do by developing a horizontal relationship, looking at a business case from where they stand, and meeting them where they're at without being fearful of openness and being able to challenge them, is where the magic happens.

What are Arkafort’s strong points as a company?

Whether its communications technology, infrastructure, developing systems and solutions, or simply needing the resources to be there for you when you need a helping hand Arkafort wants to work with you if we are passionate about what you do as much as you are, we take a challenge and make it digestible and easy to access so a client can focus on what they do best.

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