Enabling you to focus on what counts.

A Boutique Cloud

You are invited to discover what makes Arkafort systems tick, however it’s optional. Our cloud is built with enterprise needs in mind and the service can be tailored to the requirements of each individual client. Just tell us what you need and we will design, implement and manage your systems 24/7/365.

Full Managed Service

Does your business need a cloud server or service but don't have the resources or know how to create or maintain it? Contact us and let Arkafort worry about servers, storage, network, power, monitoring etc!

Scale as you grow…

Scaling is one of the most valuable features of cloud computing. Arkafort's cloud platform is no different, you can add or remove resources as you please, catering for your current business needs.

Putting You in Control

Arkafort utilizes various cloud based technologies to shape and prioritize your services with us. Our offerings put you in control of what is most crucial in your business.

Or bring your own

Arkafort, together with Unicept Data Ltd, offers colocation so you can bring your services to us while remaining in full control of your systems by the help of our 24/7 onsite qualified engineers.

Our Products

Take a look at some of our cloud offerings, all of which reside in an enterprise class platform. With Arkafort's expertise and resources, no matter what product or service you choose, you can rest assured you're getting the best service on the island.

Infrastructure As A Service

Get your services on Arkafort's infrastructure to get high scalability, performance and resiliency.

Virtual Private Cloud

With Arkafort's VPC service, your services will be highly secure and compliant while heavily reducing infrastructure costs.

Bare Metal Servers

With Arkafort's bare metal offerings, you get the performance of bare metal and the scalability of the cloud.

Pure Co-Location

Bring your infrastructure to our datacenter which is equipped with multi-layered physical security, power and network resiliency.

Here to help, 24/7/365

The Data Center

In 2017, Arkafort joined forces with Unicept Data to expand our data center solutions portfolio. The setup consists of Global POPs and Auxiliary services with our primary data center located in Qormi, Malta – QDC0.

Network Connectivity

The data center is equipped with a state-of-the-art backbone system, delivering high performance and reliability. It also has multiple redundant and dedicated Internet connections to achieve resiliency on inbound and outbound traffic.

The Data Pod

The data pod is purposely built for a modern hyper scale data center using the leaf-spine model. Using modern techniques, our data pods are scalable, power efficient and superb cooling.

Power, Cooling and Security

Resilient and reliable, our infrastructure is engineered from ground up to offer best in class power, cooling and security. Our data center is equipped with resilient power together with cooling and has 24/7 onsite qualified engineers ensuring that everything is running smoothly.


Our data center is PCI DSS compliant. This means that we have a highly secure and available infrastructure within our audited data center. It is maintained with logged surveillance, monitoring systems and various alarm systems ready for any disruption.

Unicept Data Ltd

We are a proud partner of Unicept, a partnership which has resulted in allowing us for a fruitful collaboration to enter in the data center market. With our combined expertise, we can offer our clients the best service on the island.