Simplifying Complexity

Arkafort is an evolution of what started as SamrtICT in 2008 by a small team of young I.T. professionals. The idea of SmartICT was to provide small businesses with a quality I.T. service and value for money. During these years, our customer base, business and magnitude of undertaken projects has grown rapidly.

Such development has enabled us to implement a wide range of technologies for different customers, sectors and scenarios. This dynamism has helped us build the necessary experience to provide service for SME's, Governments and large enterprises.

Our greatest asset is our employees who are skilled I.T. professionals with years of experience in the development of high-availability solutions and technologies. Our team includes technical specialists and engineers devoted to provide the best solutions to our customers.

It is our mission to be a one-stop-shop for business I.T. requirements. Arkafort is passionate about enabling customers to focus on their strengths; confident in the knowledge that their IT systems will reliably support them and their colleagues in their business pursuits.

Team Member

Gordon Grech

Co-Founder & CTO
Team Member

Justin Fenech

Co-Founder & COO
Team Member

Stacey Fenech

Operations Coordinator
Team Member

Andrew McLean

Leader of IT Operations
Team Member

Glenn Sciortino

Leader of Development
Team Member

David Zammit

Leader of Infrastructure
  1. Our Humble Beginnings

    It all began with a simple idea; Leveraging passion for technology to help businesses be more effective. While the idea was clear, with no resources and no experience, the plan was not. We started doing what we knew best, getting computers and devices connected together!

  2. Getting Bigger and Better

    As we took larger projects and started deploying best in market solutions such as solutions from Cisco Systems and our customer base increased. It was during this year that we designed and delivered network solutions for some of Malta’s largest organisations, with some of our solutions spanning between America, Europe and Asia. We suddenly found ourselves competing with the largest ICT providers in Malta and made some new strategic alliances along the way.

  3. Expanding Our Horizons

    As years passed by, new doors opened. It was now time to expand our services even further and start offering more comprehensive support to our clients. This would include; Desktop support, software support and overall IT Operations. In 2014, we geared ourselves up for this new challenge, by the end of the year, we were supporting SMEs as Call Centers of large international corporations.

  4. Arkafort

    As demand from our clients increased, we saw greater potential in the ICT sector, however more resources were required. We had to make the leap, from a small team of do-it-all professionals to a more structured, more professional organization with core values and a clear vision for the future Arkafort was born.

  5. With a team of about 15 people, today we operate in 4 main technology divisions; Infrastructure, IT Operations, Development and Cloud. Our vision for the future is clear, to be the go to brand for all organisations that want to leverage their full potential through technology without the complexities of managing it!

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